Play Games, Become a Creator!

This is a game for those who want to become creators that will teach you programming while you enjoy the world of Disney. This game can be enjoyed by both children and adults and is produced by a world-renowned Japanese game creator.

You can learn programming
by Disney's fantastic stories.

Learn Media Art, Web Design (creating homepages), and Game Design using programming languages, such as JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Processing, and Shader.

Learn Coding
5 Times Faster!

The Four SecretsBehind the Greatest Learning Experience

1 The Story - 14 quests
are waiting for you -

The game’s script, written by top game scriptwriter, allows you to sink right into the fantastic game’s world.
You may learn programming through Disney’s Aladdin, Rapunzel, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, and other titles.

2 Cross-Category Learning

Your motivation can raise by simultaneously learning web design, media art, game creation, and multiple programming languages. You can personally experience each new piece of knowledge becoming available for a variety of practical uses.

3 Magical Items that Connect
the Online World to Reality

You must not make light of the programming teaching materials. The Book of Magic is full of fascinating charms and connects the online world to reality. The “Exciting Riddle Adventures” hidden in it provide grand adventures that make you desperate to find out what happens next.

4 The “3-Second Step-by-Step Approach”
- An Interactive Learning System

Our Step-by-Step system can stretch the user’s concentration, understanding, and learning speed to the utmost limits!!

Each lesson asks users to apply new knowledge and gives them minimum instructions only when absolutely necessary. This prevents users from being flooded with information and allows them to understand firsthand how that knowledge can come in handy while learning.

“I gave this project my all for the next
generation of creators.”

Life is Tech, Inc. CTO Yoshihisa Hashimoto
Former:CTO of Square Enix
*Representative Works
- Sonic World Adventure (Sega / Game and Engineering Director)
- Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Square Enix / Engineering Director)
- Online Code Learning Platform MOZER


  • Father in his 50s and his son, a 6th grader

    I didn’t think my child and I would be able to enjoy it so much together.

    I purchased Technologia School of Magic so my son could learn how to code, but even I got addicted to it as I was a beginning programmer myself. I thought that someone my age was too old to learn programming, but because it’s so much fun, I wish I had started learning sooner.

  • 30s, Marketer

    Time flies because I was absorbed in the story.

    Although I was interested in programming, I could not step it out for learning, but when I saw the teaching materials based on Disney, which I originally loved, I immediately bought it!

    I really enjoyed the lesson. Time flew by so quickly.
    I have studied for five hours without no stress!!

    When I was able to create a beautiful scene of Rapunzel and Aladdin 's flying game by myself, it seemed that magic really began to be used. I was deeply impressed.

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